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Pet-Pedic Care and Handling Instructions

With the proper care and maintenance, your Pooch-Pedic™ or Kitty-Pedic™ memory foam pet bed will provide years of excellent comfort and support for your pet. The following simple steps will help to keep your Pooch-Pedic™ or Kitty-Pedic™ looking and performing like new.

  • Clean your Pooch-Pedic™ or Kitty-Pedic™ frequently with a vacuum cleaner or lint roller to keep the cover appearing nice.

  • Remove and wash the cover of your Pooch-Pedic™ or Kitty-Pedic™ memory foam pet bed as needed to remove any dirt, dust, or light stains.

  • Whenever you remove the cover from your Pooch-Pedic™ or Kitty-Pedic™ please store the pet bed in a place where your pet cannot lay on it. This will keep pet hair and debris, as well as dirt away from the memory foam, reducing the risk of damage.

  • If your Pooch-Pedic™ or Kitty-Pedic™ should become soiled or stained, clean the area immediately with water. If possible, remove the cover and wash immediately. If a stain has set in, spot-test commercially available fabric cleaners and use as directed.

If you have a problem that is not covered in this list, please call our customer care experts at 800-667-1969.

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