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30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

In order to ensure the complete satisfaction of all our valued customers, we offer you a choice of either exchanging your pet bed or returning your pet bed for a refund of the full purchase price*.  The trial period begins the first day you receive your bed.

What Is The Satisfaction Guarantee?

If you feel your Pooch-Pedic™ or Kitty-Pedic™ does not provide your pet with the most comfortable and supportive bed available, you can exchange or return your Pet-Pedic before the end of 30 days. Be sure to give your pet a chance to really get to know his or her bed.  We strongly recommend that you give it at least a 5-day "breaking-in" period.  If after 5 days, you are not completely satisfied with the superior quality and sleeping comfort of your pet's bed, we will gladly refund you the money or exchange your Pet Bed for a more suitable one.  We charge an additional 15% disposal fee for any dog beds that have been slept on during the evaluation process.  For details, see the information below:

  • After we have received the pet bed return, we will either exchange your pet bed or refund you the purchase price of the bed less any tax and/or s&h.
  • With the exception of a packaging or delivery error, all return shipments are the sole responsibility of the customer.  We may, at our option, extend our discounted shipping rates through our carriers to the customer.
  • Occasionally we offer free or discounted shipping, or additional products as part of a "package".  If one of these special offers are used, the customer must pay shipping costs both ways if they desire to return the product(s) and they must return any promotional items.
  • If you exchange for a different pet bed, the only cost to you is the price difference (plus sales tax where applicable), plus shipping.
  • This exchange offer does not apply to the following to custom size pet beds. If any beds are returned, they will need to be returned in the original condition in which it was received.
  • No refunds or exchanges will be accepted for any product that incurs any damage after it is received by the customer.  Damage may include, but is not limited to odor or stains from cigarette smoke or urine, food or drink stains, and/or any physical damage from sharp objects.
  • Of course any defective products will be promptly exchanged.
  • An RMA (return merchandise authorization) must be obtained before returning your pet bed in order for you to receive a refund.
  • All returns must be received by our manufacturing plant before the end of the 30th day in order for you to receive a refund.
  • There will be an inspection period of up to 14 days before a credit may be issued. This time is required for inspection and damaged shipment claims before we will release a pet bed to outside vendors for display purposes.  Damage as a result of the customer will be deducted from the cost of the mattress.  Damage from the carrier will be that carriers responsibility, and a claim for damage must be filed before any credit is issued.  No mattress will be re-sold or given to any customer for any reason due to health concerns.
What Happens After 30 Days?

With our 10-year limited warranty, we offer one of the longest pet bed warranties in the business. It's a reflection of our commitment to unwavering quality and premium product integrity.  For more information on our warranty please click here or call 1-800-667-1969.


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